Sunday, April 03, 2005

The Weekend Is Nothing But Crazy

Silas and Keith arrived. We rummaged around the city last night, blitzed Chelsea, West Village and the small portion of East Village before crawling back home at 6:15 AM this morning.

It was good to see them once again. We even went to GYM Sportsbar, a new gay sports bar on 8 Avenue between 18 and 19 Streets. It even has ridiculous posters to advertise themselves as the one and only gay sports bar in New York. While they may claim this as a fact, I think looking at two posters will indicate whether if they try to portray the sports bar as "a serious fan of sports bar" or "a serious fan of cruising spot". Check this and this.

While at that bar, Keith noticed something interesting, "Look around. Tell me what one thing you see that nearly *all* gay guys trying to act like they are 'athletic'? You only have to look at their yellow bracelets!"

He was referring to the Lance Armstrong's yellow thing. I turned to look around -- true biz -- everyone was wearing it. Even worse, we saw one latino guy wearing TWO yellow bracelets, one for each wrist. Let's be serious. That was over the board.

Silas was taking a pee break as Keith and I noticed something funny. We slowly turned to look at each other before we broke out in heavy snickers. There were about 8 or 10 TV sets all over the place. Two sets were focused on the cheerleading competition on ESPN, I believe. Some people were quite serious in watching it. So typical of gay men, eh?

I had a good time, man. We dined at Better Burger and cracked joke after joke all day long. Even at the gay bar, The Urge, they got bowls of fishes suspended in the air by a string and also instill the bulbs to lighten the bar. Silas, being tall, nearly knocked one off the air. It was such a frightening moment but so funny. I swear that this particular fish never had a great ride since that flap.

Now we are home, stuck. How? We got locked in. We are struggling to get out of our apartment but the lock seemed to be damaged and locked us in. It'll take a while for us to break out and head out.

But do not forget to tune in for an episode of Desperate Housewives tonight to see the appearance of Marlee Matlin who will portray a new housewife moving in the Wisteria Lane, I believe.

After that, Keith, Silas and I probably will sneak to The Rambles at The Park. Wish us luck if we can survive another day of drama.



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