Friday, April 29, 2005

iPods or MTA's Fault?

Let's Face This, iPods Suck: The news are being said that the iPods craze are to blame for the surge of subway crimes. AT least, very few Deaf persons owned one -- I mean, it's stupid thing, really. They can, at least, observe and be amused with each other on the subway train instead of being oblivious to their surroundings by listening to the sounds emitted by a machine. You will *never* find me wearing or try the iPods on me. If you do, you'll see the pigs flying in the sky.

Maybe the iPods Aren't To Be Blamed: The blame lies with whom? The MTA Workers, I absolutely *hated* dealing with the MTA fuckers when I came down to the subway station and was not sure where to go from there, I'd ask for a pen and paper to communicate, the person behind the thick glass refused and kept on screaming, ignoring or slamming the windows trying to get rid of me when I try to persist for some genuine information.

Sometimes, I want to blast the thick windows and murder them savagely -- one organ at a time. That is the least thing they deserved for behaving like this. I'm sure there are Deaf New Yorkers who wanted to murder them savagely. Perhaps, their incompetence caused the increase in subway crimes. Because what they do in that glass box is nothing but dozing off, insulting, berating and/or ignoring others who sought for information or help.

Hell, there are many posters on the trains that encouraged the commuters, tourists and riders to report the strange stuff that is being "left" on the trains -- it is worthless effort, honey. These guys in the glass boxes won't respond, listen or cared -- even if you banged on the glass boxes, they will NOT listen. They will just yell or make obscenities at you for trying to communicate with them. If I saw a bag under some seats, I won't report it to the MTA workers behind the glass boxes, fuck them. I rather to let it bomb. Let them learn the lesson for not doing their job. I may sound very cold -- but sometimes, shit happens. Deal with it.

Not Surprising ... Denny's Restaurant Got Sued Again: This time it happened in a red state ... in Jeb Bush's homestate ... Florida! Seven Arabs filed $28 million lawsuit against Denny's Restaurant because they refused to serve "Bin Ladens" in the restaurant. It is Arab discrimination, but what do you expect from Florida, really?

Upon reading the article, when the Arabs asked the Police Officer to file a compliant about the manager's behavior -- it was reported like this:
The lawsuit said a police officer who was a patron in the restaurant shouted at the plaintiffs to "Get out! Get out" and threatened to arrest them when they asked her to make out a police report about the restaurant manager's behavior.

This is very common among the Deaf people who got discriminated by hearing people -- when they asked the Police Officer to get involved, they would respond like this. Which is why many Deaf persons hesitated in dealing with the Police Officers -- why? Because they are hearing first, they are not Police first. They are hearing persons, first. They will side with THEM before rationalizing with the others.

IN this case, my instincts indicated that the Arabs are telling the truth while the cops and Denny's (also headquartered in South Carolina, famously for racists) manager claimed that the story was not entirely true.

Fuck hearies once again!


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