Friday, April 29, 2005

For Your Own Thoughts, Women!

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In this era, I appreciated my penis. I really do. But I cannot help but be delighted with the progress of Title IX in the last 30 years. The law clearly forbade anyone that receives the federal fundings to discriminate women from playing sports. This was done in 1972 -- 33 years ago.

I mentioned about my passion with the collegiate women's basketball teams across the nation such as this, that and there on my blogsite when I can. It is a labor of love -- a passion of mine.

Coaches like Sue Gunter, Debbie Ryan and Pat Summitt talked about the days before Title IX -- they had to chip in order to survive with what is on their tables to make their teams successful. Mainly, many schools back then do not care if women's basketball teams win or lose. Only if they play. But to win or lose, who gives a fuck?

Since Title IX was enforced, slowly over three decades, many schools now demanded the coaches for women's basketball to perform better or they'll be fired.

I recalled remembering the times in 1980s where I do not read anything about the coaches being fired and replaced with better coaches.

But in 2000s, even it is aghast enough to see some coaches being fired at schools, they are replaced with better coaches because the schools wanted the national championships.

This year, I already saw the coaching changes at Richmond, Tulsa, Colorado, Miami, Louisiana Tech, Oklahoma State, California, Yale and so on. These schools (except for Yale) expected the term that is not familiar amongst the women's sports: Performance.

It is nice to see some changes in this country, especially for Women's Basketball ... since Dr. James Naismith invented basketball not for men but for women but fuck, men stole it for 20 years before women reclaimed it.

Again, even I have a nice cock, I acknowledged that men are pigs.

OH, yeah, some of my readers asked me why I started to like women's basketball -- I blame it on Aloha Tackett. This Deaf girl who is who I labelled as a corn-fed chick -- she's big gal. She can maul an opponent if she wanted to. When she fouled someone else, she'd be pissed off and when she had to stand by the line waiting for a hearing player to shoot, she'd shout at the hearing player to distract her from shooting the ball into the basket. Then the referee would warn her, Aloha would shrug it off. Then the hearing player tried again, Aloha shouted. She got a technical. And Coach DeVito would blast Aloha for being irresponsible with that behavior -- Aloha would 005 back and say, "LOOK AT THE SCORE! WE 58, THEM 22. SO WHAT!"

When I saw Aloha silencing the coach, that was the day I liked this sport. Ever since. Aloha Tackett, you rock, bitch. ;-)


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