Monday, April 25, 2005

Few Comments

I was reading NY Blade recently and it mentioned that The Cock Bar will move out of 12 Street & Avenue A to ... The Hole. The Hole will cease to exist, but The Cock Bar will take over its place. Not bad, not bad.

Also, Larry Kramer, the gay rights activist who gave his blistering opinions on different things including gay people who are irresponsible in barebacking -- calling them murderers. He also issued another interesting comments about Human Rights Campaign (HRC).

Do you think the answer is outing gay people?

Kramer: Oh god yes. Out them all. To show you how out of touch HRC is with the realities of life, they don’t subscribe to that theory.

Blade: What can be done to fix HRC?

Nothing. They should close up shop. They don’t do us any good.

And I'm not member of HRC, go figure.


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