Thursday, April 21, 2005

Reminder for Bitch Session IV

Bitch Session IV:Deadline is this weekend -- so fire me away with your Bitch Sessions. I'm SO ready for this.

Here Is The Proof: The little gnat, McCock claimed that he did not copy my ideas for his blogsite. If you looked at articles, he often reads my blog entries then talk about it. He thinks he's that smart. Bleech. He challenged me to prove it. I chose not to. Well, I talked about the Oklahoma City Bombing. Then he brought it up a day later, I quickly pointed that out. He denied as always. Then I made fun of him. Suddenly, he decided to ban me from commenting anything -- which is fine with me -- he claimed that I repeatedly insulted him -- in fact, I only commented *twice*. First, to point the entry out that he copied my idea -- second, to make fun of his dead, mangled cousin who is rotting six feet under the cold ground. That's it. Waaah, fucktard!

I Guess I Will Die Of Pancreatic Cancer! Some of you guys knew that I love Hot Dogs. Yesterday, before entering Columbia University, I ate two Hot Dogs from the corner stand. Mmmmm! Hot Dogs rock!

Confidential to Adamo: Anyday, honey, anyday!


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