Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Montel Did It Again

Yesterday, I rolled my eyes when Montel introduced a guy named Dustin who had a cochlear implant. That guy, Dustin, hated his cochlear implant because it is hideous and makes him the target of "frankenstein" at his "regular" school by whom? Hearing peers.

His mother asked Montel for help. Montel enlisted Heather Whitestone, the former Miss Deaf America who often sprayed the saliva on people's face with her attempts to speak.

Heather informed Dustin that he is one of first deaf people to get the "smaller" and "almost un-detectable implant so that he won't be ridiculed by his peers.

His mother sobbed. Dustin was bit lost, and at his age of 11, he just played along with the melodrama.

I cringed.

Montel will *never* have a show that will present us in different light. He is all for the genocide of Deaf people.


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