Thursday, April 07, 2005

Wanna Ride With Me?

After few hectic days of stress, frustration and irritation, I was bit relieved that I was left alone for some 48 hours. I felt much better.

Sarah offered me to come over and hang out at her home in Hell's Kitchen. I took her offer and alerted her that I'd be there shortly.

Little did I know that I'd have an interesting tale to tell.

When I got off from the subway at 50 Street and Broadway, I strolled onto 51 Street heading westward to 11 Avenue. When I reached 8th Avenue, I saw the horse carriage rolling onto 51 Street which is normal because there is a stable on 52 Street and West Side Highway. These horse carriages tend to take the passengers around Midtown and when they're done, they roll down to their stables for the night.

I did not smile, frown or anything like that -- just stoic. Remember, being stoic is bliss.

I saw the horse pulling up a little at the red light. The hispanic guy waved and smiled at me, I did not reciprocate. He then tried to shout something. I cordially told him that I do not hear.

He immediately, "You deaf? My brother deaf. I know signs."

I smiled a little and nodded as in "o-kay, what next?"

He motioned me to join the carriage. I shook my head and said, "No cash on me." He shrugged and said, "C'mon and we talk."

I attempted to hop in the back of the carriage, he waved me to move in front so we can talk. He's nice fellow. He asked me if I wanted him to take me around few blocks. I nodded.

We did just that. He dropped me off on 51 Street and 11 Avenue on his way to the stables as I headed off to Sarah's place for the night. The fellow, Miguel, is cool.

Only in New York, my children, only in New York!


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