Sunday, April 17, 2005


Gabe Leung mentioned that Ahmed works for SEE HEAR, a TV program. That was incorrect information. Ahmed corrected me that he is a presenter for VEE-TV (Y E S !! There is a television program called VEE!!)and Lydia works as a researcher for the VEE-TV production.

I checked the VEE-TV website -- I absolutely liked it!

You can see Ahmed's background in this profile. Great picture! Charming man, I can see why Melly goes flip over him.

You can see Lydia's profile as well -- too bad, the picture does not tell you that she is tall, about a foot taller than I am. Lydia is so riot. So funny.

After viewing the VEE-TV's website -- its style of format in production is similar to MTV's style. I like it.

I liked the AARRGH video clip, when Aysin made it clear that he does not have to be patient with this hearing person -- it reminded me of me! (Realplayer video only)

And this video clip was portrayed by Lydia as well. You can see how tall she is. And last Thursday night, Lydia signed a cool sign that caught my eye and I asked her what it is -- she explained that it is a new fad sign among the Deaf UK. It means, "C'mon!" I used it last night when Lydia cracked a joke and I said, "C'mon" in that sign. Lydia nearly choked on her drink. Oh, well -- at least, I tried!

I think I am going to try this with VEE-TV in London in matter of months.


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