Saturday, April 30, 2005

Time To Ponder

14 + 14 + 600 = Sanctity? 14 bridesmaids, 14 groomsmen and 600 guests for a simple wedding makes a woman go nuts as she runs off to Las Vegas then to Albuquerque because she got a cold feet about marrying this guy.

And many religious nuts worked up a lot of crap about the sanctity of marriage. You got Britney Spears marrying for a day or two, you get Michael Jackson marrying Debbie Rowe, and now you get this cold feet.

Their arguments about "preserving" the sanctity of marriage is ludicrious at its best. Keep it coming, Republican conservatives and X-ians, it makes you look much dumber than ever!

Danny Gochenour! In The Virginia Guide, there is a picture of me and Danny when we were 7 or so at VSDB. I was not smiling, just in my natural state with awful taste in clothes, Danny, at 8, was next to me with his head leaning on my left cheek -- he smiled, you could barely see his white teeth in the black/white picture. I wish I could show the picture but no scanner is within my sight.

When I first enrolled at VSDB, Danny was my roommate, we were pretty inseparable even with the fact that he is a grade ahead of me. He was pretty boy, I was ... just me. I vividly recalled the moments when we were in our pajamas and watching the television before hitting the sack during the weekends, Danny has a quirky habit of his hands to comb his hair in a rapid manner -- he likes to have his hair in the same manner with Fonzie, the legendary character on some show in early 80s, I believe.

Danny would sit next to me and is very active with his hands on his hair while I watch the television. But when he is done with his hair, he'll roll on me despite my objections, and sit on my stomach while I try to watch the television, he'd use his hands to comb my hair to make it look like him. He would do it at a fast pace to a point where I squirm and whine about it.

Looking back, he certainly cared for me, though. I enjoyed his company, he does as well. Then he left the school. Years later, I saw him again and was horrified at how he looked. He looked like he emerged from the trailer park somewhere in West Virginia.

C'est la vie.


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