Thursday, April 21, 2005

Something To Ponder

Nearing 50,000! The blog is approaching 50,000 visits with already over 80,000 views. Nice, nice. Thanks, guys. Obviously, I did something right. Poor little McWeenie has no life -- picking up only 2,000 visits. Hey, YOU get a life. I already did.

Guess Who Is The Director? This is joke. I just learned this today. Why did Gallaudet choose him as the Director of Multicultural Diversity is beyond me! This guy terrorized every minority possible -- especially women and gays! Guess who is now the Director of MD -- Dorian Yanke! Let's see how sensitive Dorian will be when a closeted gay person comes to him -- I'm willing to bet that this particular sensitive guy will jump off the building right after seeing Dorian.

Disgruntled New Yorker: Read this -- it is hilarious. Sometimes I feel like that. So New York!

What Animals are Gays Similar To? Today, Surdus and I loitered about what kind of animal that gays can be compared with? He said it has to be roaches! When he explained the reasons, I agreed with him completely. Roaches eats anything. So does gays. When roaches are big, people scream. When gay men has big dicks, gay men scream as well. They fucked too much, are dirty and disgusting at times. IMpossible to get rid of. And last, they are fittingly called Cockroaches!

The Incredibles! Saw it today. Great movie for all ages, for all groups. Maybe except for folks in The South since it does not cover incest and biblical stories, really, eh?


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