Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Edna & Jake

Looking back on my old high school days in VSDB -- I affectionately remembered the fun times in Darden Hall. This building was the mischevious boy's paradise -- it has plenty of secret places to hide. I'll leave this to your imagination.

Too bad, the building as of now is currently closed and neglected by the state of Virginia. (Psst! Who runs the state? Hearies, of course!)

However, I remembered the times where lots of high school boys used to yell all the time around the hearing houseparents. One time, I remembered Jerod telling Kenneth Hall to scream right behind the sweet houseparent, Ms. Edna Kiracofe.

Poor Edna -- she was going to die at the spot. She actually *jumped*, considering the fact that she is in her 70s!

Then us the deaf boys would roar with heavy fits of laughters. We'd shout at each other about almost everything -- even we'd try to imitate a bomb by screaming it out -- kinda corny if you think. My brother, Gary, is famous for being so fucking animated with gunfire. He is capable of making gunfire sounds, and how it hits a person -- how the victim reacted when the bullets pierced the body -- Gary is capable of imitating it in very realistic manner -- not even an interpreter can explain it to a cop if Gary tried to imitate something.

I thought of Edna and wondered whatever happened to her these days? Kevin Akens, ask Kim? Kathy? You know, Edna was the "liasion" between me and Todd, my first love in high school days -- I would tell Edna to call Todd to pick me up -- or just to talk with Todd. Edna always do it. It is impossible to hate Edna -- she is hearing. God forbid that I do like a hearing person! ;-)

Ahh. Now about Jake -- you know, Jake has been dead for more than two years, time flew so fast. I love Jake's cynical sense of humor -- we'd spend hours observing people, making fun of situations. Imitated things in life. We even created the super-heroes names associated with pornography like "Masturbator! Cummer! Orgasmic!" Ben & Dylan, care to add more to that? It was so hilarious. I sometimes missed Jake's company.

One time, Jake read something on the internet in a computer lab where I worked at Gallaudet, he kept on grimacing and laughing out loud -- his face red, his eyes with puffy tears. I was piqued with curiosity -- he said, "RT, I'm straight as they come but this one is so funny."

And when I read it, I could not contain my laughter -- it is still one of the best stuff I ever had seen in years. Each time, I thought of Jake, I thought of this article which was published by The Onion. Enjoy.



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