Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Gallaudet & Manor House

Gallaudet Football: A certain reader informed me by AIM recently that Gallaudet Athletic Department has shifted some budget changes that permitted itself to hire a full-time Head Coach for Gallaudet Football team which is not affilitated with any divisions in the NCAA -- only club-status. Why?

Because many deaf schools are tight with the budgets trimmed by their states, their athletic departments, unlike the public schools, abandoned the use of weightlifting programs, abandoned from sending the athletic kids to summer camps to polish their skills -- when they graduated from high school, many of them went to Gallaudet and ended up being pretty much disadvantage when it comes to compete against the hearing peers.

Which is why you see the years of losing seasons at Gallaudet football teams. I personally believed that it is all right to dismantle the football team. Gallaudet will be fine without it. Look at George Washington University, it is doing just fine without having the football team.

Here is the another rumor to the whole football thing at Gallaudet, they are offering SIX FIGURE SALARY for Andy Bonheyo to coach the football team. I was told by someone else that at Maryland School for the Deaf in Frederick, Maryland -- the school absolved three positions to make an offer that lured Andy to Frederick from Austin, Texas. I do not know if it is true.

I think Andy would do well at Gallaudet but in the long run, Gallaudet football team will still crash and burn no matter what.

Manor House on PBS: I watched the Manor House on PBS today. It is a reality show about the servants that lived during the Edwardian Era (1900s) that was very common in the United Kingdom. I found it to be very fascinating -- they hired persons with the knowledge that they will work for long hours, live in the House and deal with the issues within the 1900s laws which is pretty nonexistant for the high and low servants. I thought it was one of the best reality-based shows so far.

If you can, check it out!


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