Friday, April 15, 2005

Few Thoughts

Few things to say before I head off to the DIRC thing with Sarah.

Amityville Horror: When I was a kid, I was terrified of that white house. And now there is a remake of the film about it. I'd like to see it. I am sucker for these ghost stuff. In my opinion, when I was a child, I thought its Amityville Horror's poster advertisement was the best for horror films.

A-Rod Saves A Kid: This is cool. Multimillionaire baseball star in Alex Rodriguez, often the subject of Boston Red Sox's taunts, saved the boy's life in Boston when the truck sped by and Alex plucked the boy aside. Apparently, this particular boy was stunned that it was none other than his favorite player in the whole wide world. Very cute.

And I'm sick of hearing people like Eva Young for behaving like they are much better than the rest. Shame on him. I expected him to be better than that. Guess I was wrong this time around. Dan of FagPatriotWest is stupid prick. Know why? He muted about Arthur Finkelstein's antics, but cried about Clinton's remarks on Finkelstein's self-loathing Roehmosexual. Perhaps, Dan is Roehmosexual as well. Same with ND30 and Eva Young.

I'm off to the DIRC thing where I can enjoy VEE-VEE'ing at the folks who shared their CODAs experiences. Something that McCock and ThePC cannot relate to. Speaking of that nut, McCock, he still denied that he copied my topics for his blogsite. That boy knew how to lie -- but remember this, married men knew how to lie a lot.


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