Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Guess Who's Visiting Gallaudet?

I was informed by a close friend of mine that Princess Mathilde of Belgium has chosen Gallaudet as one of three places she wanted to visit when she is in Washington, DC on Thursday, April 21, 2005.

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Princess Mathilde of Belgium

That is nice. Until I found the reason why she chose Gallaudet University -- according to this website, she studied Speech Therapy at the Institute of Marie-Haps, teaching people how to bark with their voices.

Too bad, she'll hear lots of gibberish shouts at Gallaudet tomorrow. That's OK -- entirely a culture shock for her. Good for her.

You know, she is not the only royal ever to visit Gallaudet. After all, Gallaudet has its own hordes of Queens from day one. Look at moi, Merritt, Witch, Litch, Manny, Kitch, Vess, Rayni and many more. Of course, I sit on the top of all, I am The Empress! I have yet to let go of my royal title to the appropriate one. Perhaps I will because I have to, in a short time. And the rest are just ... Queen Bees that I allowed to fight amongst each other.

But it is always cordial to welcome anyone else on the campus -- then let them know that it is us who ruled Gallaudet. ;-)


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