Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Minnesota Republican Is Gay

Once again, Mike Rogers drove Minnesota Republican Paul Koering out of the closet. Again, he is Republican conservative who consistently voted against the gay rights. Such a self-loathing fella, is it?

I'm sick of people like Paul who said that being gay does not have to do with the public, it is personal. It is NOT. Being deaf is my identity, I cannot hide it. I try to make it personal but it is not. Same thing goes for African Americans, they will not say that it is personal thing. It has much to do with how they viewed things in life.

Obviously, Paul Koering hated himself so much that he is willing to discriminate others for what he is.

It was nice of Mike Rogers to make Paul Koering see the way it is in the real world, Mike actually helped him out in the process.

And when I read his comments about his frustrations, I admitted that I chuckled. Is it bit funny when he said this line, “There were nights that I would finish milking and I would go to bed and I would cramp up – I would almost cry myself to sleep,” -- this sounds so gay.

Sorry -- am curious to see Clyde, Sonny, Lisa and Kathy's reactions on their homestate's state senator being gay.


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