Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Remember This?

Remember the dude who ran CNN and said that he thinks the journalists were targeted by the military sometimes in countries like Iraq and Afghanistan? There was outcry that prompted this guy, I think his name is James Eaton or something, to resign from his job at CNN.

Then few weeks later, the Italian journalist was rescued by Italians and was attacked by the US Military. The US Military claimed that it was a mistake because of bad communication. One Italian was killed, the journalist was injured. The journalist also mentioned that the people who held her told her that she will be killed by the US Military "anyway when she is free". She couldn't believe it when it actually happened right after she was rescued.

Now there is an article that the US troops were cleared in Italian agent's death. Is it me or that it is frequent that the US troops are being cleared of many wrongdoings?


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