Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Last Night

Went with Jenny to The Iguana Restaurant -- there I get to socialize with CMK, CK, Regan and the visitor in Frazier. CMK organized the last-minute gathering which was very nice. Had several coldaches after drinking frozen Marguaritas (I can't spell the worth shit on that term!), ouch.

After that, I parted from them and headed out to The Cock. I like Mondays at The Cock Bar. I guess it is my comfort zone on Mondays.

I bumped into one very attractive guy whom I will not identify his name for the time being because I really think he's worth the energy to get to know more. Gee, thanks to Corey, I was bit out of it last night. There were not many cute guys there except for that one whom I met. We had four things that kinda ... pushed us in the same direction -- which is very odd or coincidence. But I'm not betting high hopes on this, mainly because it is not good to have high hopes.

Saw a certain person and asked him about the next "Triple XXX" Party -- he smiled and said, "I'll need some help, you want to pitch out the next time around? But not very soon because we have to lay low -- the cops are on us these days."



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