Sunday, April 17, 2005

Oh! Party at DEEP

Well, so many things to say. So many persons to say "hi", so many to loiter. So many are heterosexuals. So expensive drinks!

You know, when I entered the club, I paid $4 for the damned coatcheck, the 5'10 caucasian with thick brown hair and goatee stared at me and smiled his shiny teeth. When he took my coat, he winked at me. I thought that was ... so cute.

I met Kevin McCaul. Here is the shocker, he is a foot tall than I am. God, I feel like this couple. Har har. Kevin is nice fella.

As much as I enjoyed the camaraderie, I'm not the fan of SO MANY PEOPLE -- mainly because it is difficult to maintain the conversation under the limited times with different persons. It became too distracting and stressful for me. Soon, I shall have some kind of one-on-one conversation with some faces that I met.

Regan and Kaybee looks da bomb! Same with Yingst, CMK and CK! The Deaf UKs arrived -- Melly got drunk so bad that she lagged on to tell me to inform Veronica that she loves her and wants me to mwah her as well.

I was turned off by three Deaf guys who walked up to Lydia, one of Deaf UK women who stood at 6'0 or so, and told her to kiss this guy. He did not ask, he TOLD her to. Thank God Lydia gave him the ugly look and said, "No thanks" in ASL while I say, "NO NO NO NO" in BSL.

Lydia and Ahmed talked about their production team in London -- I am mesmerized by that -- it may change my career in the making in a short future. Ahmed and Lydia urged me to come over in London -- Sarah, also of UK, signed clearly in BSL that she knew many gay bars/clubs and will lead me around ... with a wicked grin and wink. That is incredibly tempting.

Who knows, you may see Ridor leaving this continent for Europe, much to Berna and Rico's delight!

OH, yeah, Sarah, Tate's wife, looks glamarous as ever! That lady has something to tell me last night and I was pretty enamored by her stern comments about my blogsite, Tate looked good as ever. In fact, he's a hottie like before, probably marriage life suits him very well at this point! We all promised that we'd have a dinner together in a short time.

Oh, yeah, there were pictures taken -- in a short time, I'll get it from others and demonstrate it to the world how straight I can be -- not! But the odd thing is ... one hearing guy walked to me and one guy from Staten Island -- snapped a picture then walked away. We had NO idea who nor why he did that! At least, we look good to him, eh?

Oh, yeah, I was relieved to hear from some folks who said they read my blog and it brought them to smile often. That is the whole purpose of this blog, to make it entertaining for others to laugh, smile and roll their eyes at times. Or even a quick sign "FINISH" at your computer monitor is a great statement upon itself.

One odd statement by Ridloff, when I was ready to leave the club, he asked me whether if I enjoyed myself at the club -- I told him that I did. He said, "You lost some pounds, I noticed that -- try to do more, will you? I want to see you walking around when you are 90."

Well, I do not want to live that long. I rather to die by 75 if my body is starting to whine ... I mean, I do not want to live in a nursing home where someone has to wipe my bottoms and me drooling after 6th stroke. Or even with some disease like Alzheimers. If I am normal at 90, fine. Sure. But if I'm having problems by 75, forget it. I will whine like my Drandpa who kept on saying he wanted to die now, now, now for years until he was 92.
Basically, I had a good time at DEEP! Club last night. It was so nice that I finally left the club at 3 AM and went to G Lounge to refresh myself with gay men -- just to feel back to normal.

Oh, yeah, when I left the club, I picked up the coat from the same guy -- that guy did it again. He smiled and winked -- and not only that, when I grabbed my coat, he quickly touched my left hand and rubbed it so fast before letting me go. I was taken back by that.

Oh, gawd. Why the cute guy in wrong place?


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