Saturday, April 09, 2005

Funny Observations

Had a good friend whom I will not identify for now without his permission. He left Gallaudet two years ago and went to another state to work, bum and all that. Why? Because he flunked some courses and he was about 3 courses short of graduation. He had some bills to pay first before completing the courses. So for two years, he was BA (or BS)-less and had a rough time living on his own. Such is a life without a college degree.

When he paid the bills at Gallaudet, he sought for an appointment with his Academic Advisor about completing few courses to graduate. He was able to have an appointment last Tuesday to discuss about coming back to school to complete the requirements. I was interested because I was there all along when he had a period of rough times. I asked Silas about the meeting, "Is he going back to school? How many courses must he complete?"

Silas chuckled and chortled the message to me on the subway train. I nearly choked and said, "What?! Are you fucking kidding?" Silas grinned and shook his head, "I'm not kidding. I'm coming back to the East Coast again in May."

Apparently, the Academic Advisor told my friend that he *already* completed the requirements to graduate two years ago and was supposed to graduate in 2003. So my dear friend is going to pick up his college degree this coming May -- two years late. Well, better late than never. Jesus Christ. Congratulations, my dear friend.

Odd Quote? Last Monday night at The Cock Bar, my friends and I hung out and had a good time until the bar closed at 4 AM. One hearing guy insisted that we joined him to his home to continue partying but as soon as we stepped outside, this guy vanished. Then I needed to piss so bad. So I went around the block to piss while Silas and Keith waited. One guy who dressed very well with shaved head approached one of my friends and flirted a little, my friend scoffed him off. Suddenly, this shaved head guy wrote on a notepad which baffled my friend and showed it to me. I smiled and chuckled, "Why did he says it?" My friend does not know why this hearing guy wrote that. It reads: "Don't demonize me because I'm rich!"

Honey, we will never demonize you if you're rich -- we will demonize you if you're poor or have shitty attitude! Guess what? You're cute, nice and sweet guy. We liked you but we were also tired. You're fine the way you are.

FagOrbit Is Coward: I noticed something interesting on his blogsite. Michael Demmonds of GayOrbit is bashing on Mike Rogers incessantly for what he did to Bruce Carroll who abruptly left after Mike made phone calls to Bruce's workplace. Tasteless, right?

I personally disliked Bruce because he totally lied and distorted the information about me. When he got silenced by Mike Rogers, I was glad. But one thing led to another, GayOrbit and I got in an argument which I lambasted him for making fun of a guy who wrote him an email with bad spellings and grammar. Maybe it was my fault for not being clear with what I attempted to say, I told him that he shouldn't have done that because he does not know this gentleman's background -- maybe he is dyslexic, deaf or hispanic -- suddenly, GayOrbit and I turned the battle turf into deaf vs. hearing which was amusing and ridiculous. I turned him into FagOrbit.

Perhaps I was frustrated with the fact that many hearing bloggers were muted when others made fun of my not-so-great English skills, but when I scolded others for doing things inappropriately, they all attacked me. Crazy, is it? Anyway, Michael Demmonds accused Mike Rogers of being a coward because he used the anonymous name to respond to his comments on his blogsite. I thought it was absurd.

Know why? Michael Demmonds is coward, too. He deleted my comments routinely. Including the one I said to him that what he is doing to Rogers is no better than what Rogers did to others. It is interesting to note that he thinks he is all that but he cannot take criticisms from others. He attacked others but when I told him the same thing, he muted me. Even he commented on my blogsite, I did not delete it. Who is coward? You decide.


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