Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Another Reason To Bash Conservatives, Republicans & Xians

Few tidbits today:

House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (Republican-Texas) is Conservative pig who attempted to pressure the Congress to do something to keep Terri Schiavo alive. Now the reports are coming out that there may be ethics violations by DeLay. He was already admonished by the House Ethics Committee three times in the past. Apparently, the House Ethics Committee is too weak to do a thing about DeLay.

Another Senator Rick Santorum (Republican-Pennsylvania) who is Conservative and Christian, he urged DeLay to come forward and be clean with the press about his ethics. Well, a new report is coming out that Rick Santorum used Terri Schiavo's struggles to raise $250,000 for his future campaigns. He used the politics associated with Terri Schiavo to enrich himself in the process.

Well, when Senator Santorum did this, he did the exact thing that the GOP Memo which the staff of Senator Mel Martinez (Republican-Florida) urged the Republicans and Conservatives to use Terri Schiavo as a political wedge against the Democrats which was exposed to the press. Senator Mel Martinez quietly fired his staffer who wrote the Terri Schiavo Memo.

In Columbus, Ohio -- the Red State -- a disabled girl was punched and sexually assaulted by high school boys in high school auditorium as dozens of students WATCHED!

In New York, remember the GOP Convention which Mayor Bloomberg proudly boasted that they arrested 1,607 protesters last August? Well, 91% of the charges were dismissed with some stern words for the NYPD's unprofessionalism.

In Las Vegas, the FBI used the Patriot Act to stop lapdancing. Think about this -- did the Patriot Act helps us to catch the Al Qaeda terrorists or thwart the plots? In fact, the answer is *zero*.

In Rohnert Park, Calif: Tim Beuler is the president of "Conservative Club" at Rancho Cotate High School and he organized the anti-gay protest about the Day of Silence -- the whole purpose of the Day of Silence is to raise the awareness that bullying towards anyone else (be it gay or not) is inappropriate. These ridiculous retards decided to set up its own Day of Truth to encourage the bullying and bashings. Fine with me. AT least, it makes them look bad. Too bad, Tim Beuler is cute homophobic to start with. No, make it an ignorant bigot.

And last, this Xian nut thinks women should not have the right to *vote*.

See? All the more reasons to bash them.


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