Sunday, April 10, 2005

A Quick Comment about SuperVolcano

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So Much For McCock's Valiant Forest Firefighter!

Was amused when Dr. Richard Lieberman showed the computer graphics to the Director of FEMA about how big the Yellowstone could erupt -- it included Virginia.

Happy, WildStarrySkies?

It mentioned that the volcanic ash is not just any ash. It mentioned that if you inhale the volcanic ash into your lungs, it can liquidify into the cement and essentially drown you in the process. Not a pretty sight.

Not only that, these volcanic ash could get in the electricity system and crash our access to blogs (!), internet (!), TV (!) and probably radio (who cares?). Har har.

At least, there is no sight that Jesus Christ will intervene. Sorry, could NOT resist this.

Update: The SuperVolcano on Discovery Channel was great. It was informative and entertaining. It also mentioned that if the Yellowstone exploded with the full brunt of its power, it will bury 80 percent of the United States, making 20% virtually uninhabitable including Salt Lake City and Boise. It also mentioned that it is high likely that the government of Mexico would turn its back on the United States by closing the border as well, doomed us to our own blighting.

Not only that, if the full brunt of Yellowstone erupted, it will happen with more than 5 vents -- which means there will be FIVE volcanoes erupting in different spots in Yellowstone National Park all at the same time. If it last more than seven consecutive days, it will affect the whole globe. It will plummet the world temperature by 20 degrees (so much for Global Warming!) and send the rest of Europe into the brief Ice Age.

Rayni and Jeff, much to their chagrin, will not be able to bronze their skins for few years. Even with the equatorial circle, it will be very cool. Billions of economic losses probably will derail the United States as the global power of the world. Just like the Roman Times.

So if it does happen in my lifetime, the fact will remain the same that the majority of Republicans, X-ians and Conservatives will be taken care of with swift death -- effectively. Like it or not, they will be.


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