Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Jeers to Arthur Finkelstein

As you may know, Arthur Finkelstein enriched himself by consulting four anti-gay Republican Senators. He also is known as the Godfather of Dirty Politics, especially by associating liberalism in very negative term.

He does not care if anyone else has the right to marry or entitled to the rights. As long as it does not concern him. Only money, prestige and power. That is selfish, greed, and self-loathing Roehmosexual.

Bill Clinton nailed on this when he learned that it was Arthur Finkelstein who launched a "Stop Hillary Now!" campaign against Hillary Clinton just recently right after going to Massachusetts to get the marriage license for himself and his partner of 40 years.

Bill said that Arthur has to be self-loathing or something. Bingo.

Some gay bloggers argued that Arthur did nothing wrong but it was Bill Clinton who was responsible for DADT and DOMA -- well, hogwash -- it was the Congress who were dominated by Republican Senatiors (including 4 that was consulted by Arthur!) that pushed to enact these laws.

Some bloggers claimed that Arthur was looking beyond the gay issues -- again, hogwash -- what he sows, he will reap! How dare of him to get the marriage license for himself while waging the battles against the ordinary gays for years? How dare of him to pass himself as if he is better than anyone else.

I just hope that some homophobic guy bash him in a local park should Arthur attempts to do the blowjobs.

Cheers to Bill, Jeers to Arthur the Self-Loathing Roehmosexual.


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