Monday, April 04, 2005

A Mind To Think

1. If you met a guy who did a lot of modelling shoot, it is okay to fuck him by bareback?

A. Yes, he is a Model. He has to be clean, are you that dumb?
B. Well, if he is cute, I'll bareback him one way or other.
C. No, condom or nothing.

2. If you met a guy named Asi in one of the chatrooms and shortly, you guys liked each other. What's more, he is a Magician! He is hot! They proceed to do the barebacking scene once again, was this smart move?

A. Yes, very smart move! chat rooms are conservative place to get a quick, wet, sloppy fuck.
B. Well, it depends on how he talks to me about it.
C. No, condom or nothing else.

3. If you found out that your friend fucked Asi and a model by barebacking, you tell him that it's stupid -- but he told you not to worry because both guys (Asi and the Model) does not like you at all?

A. I should care whether if his friends like me or not.
B. I don't care about their opinions but I care about how you do it.
C. Not my business, let them do it and get it!

This is what happened few nights ago when I got in an argument with a friend of mine who barebacked lately. Totally tasteless of him to claim that Asi and the Model did not like me at all. Totally irrelevant, though. Did I do the right thing to scold this young kid who does this?


P.S. Three of us already got out of the apartment with no problems -- no need to worry that we were stucked all night long. We managed it all right. Eat my shit, please.

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