Monday, April 11, 2005

Billy Will Kill Me But His Kids Will Love This

I was cleaning my wallet while watching the SuperVolcano on Discovery Channel today and I found a laminated picture of my nephew and niece by Junior, my older brother. The ones in my wallet are the latest pictures of my ever-growing nephew and niece, but the one I am posting up is an old picture of two years, I believe. Jordon is now 8 1/2 years old, I believe.

I know Junior will lecture me with blistering tone while Tanya rants with some crazy notions that someone is going after her kids when I posted up the old picture of Jordon with Becca on my blog

Jordon is not his first name. So is Becca. I'm quite protective of my nephews and nieces. I have four. Zach, Becca, Jordon and Yamka. I love 'em dearly -- so when I saw the pictures, I smiled and sighed a little.

I am protective of them, but again, I do not like children. One time, Jordon wanted a hug and a kiss from me when he was 3 or 4, I shrugged mainly because I do not feel comfortable being around with kids. Junior pointed his finger at me and said, "Give him that!" I was bit startled and started to snicker a little.

Looking back at that, Junior is right -- in order to make his children sensitive and care for others, one has to share the affection in return. It was bit unusual for me to handle it since I rarely deal with kids. I always made fun of children from distance but when one says, "Hey, RT, hold this!", I simply freak out and held their foot in the air and say, "What do I do next?" If the kids were getting on my nerves, I'd mutter to my Mom, "Can you throw them in the trash can?!"

But hey, Jordon, don't worry, I'll always make these insane comments but I'll never throw you in the trash can or anything like that. After all, you guys are mine. Permanently.

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Jordon and Becca

Oh, yeah, much to the chagrin of some readers who feared that I'd wage the genocide on all hearing persons -- Jordon, Becca, Yamka and Zach are all hearing. I will move the worlds to ensure that they will not be treated badly as many did to me.


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