Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Update With The Date -- Sort Of.

Took the subway and bus to Upper East Side to meet a gentleman that I became friends with. When I arrived at his apartment building, I was bit set back by the fact that it is luxury apartment. He lives on 34th floor with the stunning view of Midtown. Truly breathtaking.

Apparently, this person has friends in high places. We chatted about a lot of things and he cooked the dinner for both of us. Very delicious. He was very cordial, sweet and average guy.

I joked that I'd love to have an apartment like this. He said that he could check with his friends about it. I was bit flabbergasted and said that he does not have to. He smiled and shrugged me off.

We talked about this, that and there. He said he will check with his friends about getting me a job with better pay. That is one shitty thing about New York -- you have to have friends in high places to survive. You have to balance who you are as Deaf person and work with ... them out there.

But I was humbled when he said he wanted the best for me. He did not have to do that, but he wanted to. Truly nice man. After 3 hours of chatting and bullshitting, I departed.

I'm telling you guys, the luxury apartment where he lives makes me feel so inferior. Standing next to a dog in the elevator is something I'm not used to. Was afraid that it'd go berserk and bite me. Or piss on me.

I'd love to live in that building. If you throw a stone, it'll land in Central Park, figuratively.

Yes, I'd give anything to have an apartment like that.



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