Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Gavin Newsom Rocks

*ASL mode on*

Know Who Gavin Newsom? That San Francisco Mayor! Very hot, me pant and drool too much. Y-E-S! That him! *foot stomping on the floor* Y! E! S!

Me disappoint he straight! Not often Cute Guy Smart Too -- most rare! U know, most cute tends stupid. Good example -- twinks and bois!

Anyway, Gavin became famous why? Because he fucked off the government and told his workers go ahead and permit 4,000 gay couples marry each other last year, remember?? That Gavin who did that.

Many Republicans, conservatives and X-ians see this bad bad. They cry like babies and blame blame blame blame Liberals and Democrats. Blah, blah, blah.

Then now Democrats think maybe better stop talk about gay rights no more. Why? Democrats tired of Republicans always blame all time.

Gavin yesterday give speech at Harvard University in Boston. Gavin kicks Democrats around and say GET A SPINE! Stop let Republicans, conservatives and X-ians push us no more! Finish! Finish no more!

Me likes Gavin me, Gavin smart cute and so right. Yes! Y-E-S! People all over world need learn from Gavin's attitude. Gavin for 2008 or 2012! Or Playgirl Centerfold, please, just me only?? *foot stomping* Y-E-S!

*ASL mode off*

Whew, that was not easy thing to speak American Sign Language in this manner. Did I do well, my friends?



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