Friday, February 04, 2005

Read What Kevin Beachman Wrote

Honest to God, the X-ians always amused me with their warped sense of reality.

When I finish reading it earlier in a comment box, my response was: Who called?

I honestly do not give a fuck about Kevin's sex life but why is he so interested in mine?

Kevin, one word that defines you the best: Gullible. Or retarded. Or pathetic.


* * *

I dont know how can you fuck dirty ass. God did not create this way for you to fuck dirty ass. If you wipe very well, you know the inside rectum still dirty. They have plenty bacterias like AIDS and etc... Yes, I am sure you wear the rubber (condom) but...unhealthy! Are you so dumb that you actually believe that Jesus loves faggots? Jesus hates your guts for being gay, and he isn't afraid to say so. Jesus isn't the only one who hates your perverted lifestyle. Your parents and your friends...who have been telling you that they understand your "alternative lifestyle"--hate you deep down as well. The Bible is where all truth lies. Anyone who knows God knows that anyone who believes in anything other than God and the Bible is sinful and wrong.
My name is Kevin Beachman! I am not going away. I am going to stay here and keep praying for all faggots to see the light and become hetersexual. I say, Mark Wood is a real gentleman than you. He helps many people, during you fuck dirty ass.

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