Wednesday, February 09, 2005

One Down, More To Go!


Jeff Gannon is finished. Jeff Gannon is a pseudo-Journalist who has the access to White House. Jeff supplied the Talon News for a long time and has been attacking Liberals and Democrats incessantly and coddled with the folks at White House.

Jeff was exposed by DailyKos to be a phony figure who also has a bizarre connections with three gay-theme porn websites --, and

Such a drama! Since Jeff attacked gay people of gay marriage, advocated the dumbfuck Republican Santorum when he compared gays with zoophiles and coddled GW Bush against the gay people -- but hey, hello! Jeff is connected to these gay porn websites, what gives? Hello! Jeff is a male prostitute tolerated by whom? Republicans, Conservatives out of White House!

Suddenly, people (especially with bloggers and media) ran to find out -- Jeff Gannon immediately shuts itself down and here is his farewell note. Such a hyypcrite at its best!

Jeff Gannon, karma does it better, is it?

It amazed me that Conservatives & Republicans seem to enjoy preaching its beliefs but when it comes to dirty stuff, they do not practice what they preach. We had to dig out and bust them.

If it was Clinton in White House, we would have hearings on this subject.

But with Bush in White House, nobody heard about it.

There are two things left to go, somebody has to say something that Ken Mehlman, the Executive Director of Republicans National Committee (RNC), is gay. Everyone knows that he's gay. He is the one who approved the smear campaign on many people related to the gay issues -- KEN MEHLMAN IS GAY AND HE APPROVED THE SMEAR CAMPAIGN, IMAGINE THIS!!!

Ken is faggot prick, just like FagPatriot. Just like Kevin Beachman.

We need to stand up and tell RNC to stop attacking Harry Reid when he stood up for the minority voice. Leave Democrat Harry Reid (Nevada) alone, stop attacking his family to justify RNC's rights. This is inhumane treatment.

If GW Bush wanted to cooperate with both sides, this is not the way to go. Stop attacking Harry Reid! Back off, you dumbfucks.


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