Wednesday, February 23, 2005

It Is True

I'm in a deep funky mood these days.

I just do not like people. I do not like talking to people except for my roommate, Perlis.

I just do not care much for anyone else, anything else and what's up on the 'net.

It reminded me of a childhood dream of mine that I always wanted to vanish and hitchiking across the countryside. Where people do not know who I am, where people will never know who I am right after I slipped out of a town. I am in that mode as of now.

Which is why I care less about blogging these days. I do not care much for family, friends or anything else. I guess, what they said is true about me -- I do have a streak of black, cold and icy heart.

Oh, well.

You know, the Natives' spirit once told The Spectre, "All things I told you came to pass, did they?"

That is my notion as of now. Figure it out, guys and gals. But as always, once in a while, I always snap back to the reality.


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