Monday, February 14, 2005

Stand Up and Applaud Her for Her Courage

The CBS-TV once had a mini-series movie called "Alex Haley's Queen", it is based on the author's special memoir, drawn from his author's archives, about the other side of his fabled family -- his slave grandmother and the white planter who fathered her. Alex Haley also wrote "ROOTS" which became one of the most powerful mini-series in television history.

There was a quote in "Alex Haley's Queen" which was advertised by CBS-TV a long time ago, it reads:

Her father denied her his name. Her family denied her love. Her country denied her freedom. But no one could deny her courage.

I could do the same for Melissa Etheridge.

Her country denied her the right to marry. But no one could deny her courage.

The Gorgeous Bald Melissa Etheridge

As a lesbian who also underwent the chemotherapy for breast cancer, she is courageous and seeing the picture with her courage, she does not hide it nor is sorrowful about it. By her presence, she defied the religous doomsayers.

Cheers to Melissa Etheridge,


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