Monday, February 21, 2005

The Next Target Is ...

You know, I enjoyed watching "Jack & Bobby" TV shows. I normally liked 30-minute shows because I have no patience for an hour of drama. But "Jack & Bobby" is such an intelligent show to a point where I can tolerate for an hour.

Why do I like it? It simply dismantled the conservative notions and family values, thanks to the mother of Jack and Bobby. Grace is absolutely great mother, even not the perfect mother but she intends to be good one for Jack and Bobby. It is a show that should be forced upon the conservative-ladden families across the country.

You know, more and more silly things are popping up across the nation which was propelled by Xians, Conservatives and right-wing groups which took control of the Republicans. When I saw this article, I could not believe this. Is this some kind of a joke? This is national embarrassment!

So what can we do to push the right-wing groups out of the Republican party in order to crush these silly notions that are being imposed upon us all? The first agenda is to get rid of the persons who are slowly "climbing upwards" using the conservative, Xian and right-wing rhetoric -- Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA).

This fool wanted to be the President someday. Remember Eric Heckman? Rick Santorum is Eric Heckman to the Hearing World. Before Rick Santorum became the Senator, he was brownnosing people on the streets in Scranton, PA and standing at the intersections, trying to win the people -- and he succeeded. If you look at the most recent State of the Union Address, who was right next to GW Bush? Rick Santorum.

Rick Santorum is one of the aspiring Conservative who kept on comparing gays with animals. He kept on bashing a lot of things that can be used for good of this country. I agreed with someone else on some blog (which I forgot already, shit!) that to make a sacrifical lamb to send the message to the right-wing groups that we are back, we must remove Rick Santorum from his senatorship.

So if the moderates of the Republican party wanted to have a balance in its party, they have to depose Rick Santorum. So let's go and do it.


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