Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Slip Into The Ocean, Please?

I'm still in that funky mode.

You know, when I grew up, I had to hear the incessant remarks of how "awesome" California is all about.

Now, it's raining incessantly and the grounds are too saturated. Any homes can just slip down into the ocean if they wanted to.

Even if the rains are done, they are not out of the woods for weeks.

Should an earthquake occurs, things shall happen so dramatically -- things will go down with lots of rumblings and tumblings.

Much to my chagrin and amusement, I'm all for it. I'm so ready to see the portions of California in the ocean just to see people's reactions on it.

"Oh, California is so overrated."

"Hollywood is now located in Barstow!"

"Oh, California is so yesterday."


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