Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Wife Swap


I watched the Wife Swap where they traded both wives between a lesbian couple in Arizona and X-ian, conservative Republican family in Texas. Guess who came out in the best sense of normalcy? The lesbian couple. The conservative family is nuts. The X-ian mother was pathetic. She ranted on traditionalism. She said that anything below the Christian tradition is "depraved" of their minds.

This is the reason why I bash on conservatives, X-ians and Republicans incessantly.

Because they are the ones who are nuts in almost everything.

I felt sorry for the kids who has to endure the nutty X-ian mother who is herself black -- she had the audicity to tell the lesbian to pretend not to be a lesbian in order to get the benefits.

Why don't she pretend not to be black woman? Best of all, let's pretend to be a white man in order to receive the equal treatment of all, eh?

All in all, this X-ian woman from Texas is a classic example of what's wrong with this country, especially in red states.

The folks in blue states knew how to lighten up our lives, unlike 'em.

Go figure.


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