Thursday, February 10, 2005

This Is Awful

Jason Giambi, New York Yankees player who used steroids, kept on apologizing for something he lied to the fans and the world but someone asked him why he was apologizing, Jason could not utter "steroids". For forty minutes, he apologized about lying, but nothing about steroids.

Fans, if you see Jason Giambi getting up on the field, be sure to throw the syringes (with the caps on, please) on the field to ridicule him.

Did Andrew Sullivan walk into a corner and get this look? It looks like he cracked his forehead -- either way, he is so ugh. I'm sorry but ... *shaking my head violently*.

Here is the fun part, when I read it -- I was completely addicted and laughed out of my mind. Enjoy the postcards!

And last, this dude is definitely a dork.

Oh, yeah, Kaybee and I chatted outside of my apartment. We were about a foot away from each other, we were yapping as she was looking for something in her purse. The sidewalk was big enough for anyone to walk around us and go on their own. But apparently, not to this bitch who shoved me and kaybee off when she walked THROUGH us.

kaybee and I could not believe what she did -- kaybee shouted, "Excuse me!" I turned up the volume as I screamed in gibberish trying to say, "EXAACCUYSE MOOOEEEE, BAATTCHHHHHHHHH!"

Well, sue me for not having the best use of speech skills -- I grew up being forced to rub, feel and touch a speech therapist who has 2.6 millions of wrinkles around her face -- to a child, that was a terrifying thing to touch.


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