Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Intriguing, Is It?

I got paged by a friend of mine few days ago to bribe me the surprising tidbits. Then few days later, I got bombed with few emails talking about the same tidbits.

According to the sources, two well-known females at Gallaudet decided to get the breast implants. One even loaned $5,000 for the surgery. I personally thought one of these two women are gorgeous -- but are they that desperate to enlarge their boobs?

But I'm not against the idea of breast implants. It is going to be an eyesore for me to observe them around when I visit Washington.

If you're happy about it, go for it. Jiggle them back and forth!

And look at the bright side, Suiter and Rogers, in 300 years, when someone digs your coffins, they'll find four silicone bags sitting in your coffins along with your bones. That would be a good way to identify you both, though.



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