Monday, February 14, 2005

Bitch Session for Ridor Readers Only

I love New York Blade and Washington Blade's Bitch Sessions -- me and Manny always snickered after reading it.

I have an idea.

If someone wants to bitch at someone else in the Deaf Community (Gay, Straight or whatever) or at Hearing People from Deaf's viewpoints, or at Deaf people from hearing's viewpoints, e-mail me!

E-Mail me. I will paste your comments but I will NOT leave your name and email address on the Weekly Bitch Session on this blog.

The purpose of this is to entertain readers -- I do not care if you want to name names as long as it is funny.

Here are some few examples from New York Blade's Bitch Session:

Before telling us how brilliant you are, ask yourself why we haven't been able to figure it out for ourselves.

You're 27, attractive, and confident but guys don't give you the time of day? Maybe it's that time of day for you to realize you're not as attractive as you think.

I know you'd like me to say, "It's nothing personal," when I say that you stink, but you do, and it is! Do something about it!

To the guy who got pec implants, what size bra do you wear?

These stuff are priceless. So fire away and I'll compile it at the end of week. Be funny, be creative and be hysterical.

Now hit for!


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