Saturday, February 19, 2005

Ridor's Bitch Session I

This was sent to me via e-mails and IMs under the agreement that I will *not* reveal who's who -- basically, ANYONE (even YOU) ELSE can e-mail or IM me to bitch at someone else, I'll simply copy and paste it! Up next is March 4, 2005!

* * *

"Today i woke up and decided to bitch at... RIDOR" just simply cuz you screwed up like always and wasnt able to come this weekend.

Gallaudet you are in, Graduate you will this May, and Golly gee you are...

Raymond Merritt's ass is great, is it? Nearly impossible NOT to look at it!

Little things and big things that go wrong, you assume they are all about you.

Why is that when I tell a hearing person that I'm Deaf, he then yelled at me up close in my face. I repeated the information that I cannot hear. He then moved himself to my ear and shouted again! Honey, please do not spray your germs on my ears.

"Why do this happen to me?" when WTC came down and you had NO relatives or friends working there.

Being narcissitic will not make you popular, Melissa!

"They hate me!" when you found out that a lot of soldiers were sent to Iraq.

"How could that happen to me?" When Pro-war protest marches occured in Washington D.C, and you ARE for the war.

Why did Dana Sipek go back to Bren Stern after what he did to her?

"How could they do that to me?" Everytime friends got fed up with your drama pouting and crying for more than months and years, which ruined several friends' birthday parties, homecomings, dinners out, and even relationships due to your infamous sulking.

Mother in Law from the Hell – Being a spoiled brat will not get you anywhere and watch your mouth – your mouth needs to be cleaned.

You agreed to help many lesbian women to get pregnant by donating semen, but then turned around to say "only by real intercourse."( I changed his quote)

Believing in onself to be perfect is often the sign of a delusional mind. This is for Kurzetard and McCock!

You smiled when there was no birth control used between you and a woman, she got pregnant,and you pouted when she aborted it. "Why couldn't she keep the baby? I could take care of it!" (unemployed, having no place to live, no health insurance, nothing!)

wtf is it with letting scientists restore small animals' hearing? we're next, fuckwads! pay attention!

Vagina! Vagina! Vagina! See? The sky is not falling down if you sign "vagina" in public. C'mon, say it with a smile on your face. If you do not like it, why marry a woman?

We all ask.. WHEN will you GET over that the world is NOT about you and being selfish will lose you friends if not already done! We have been there for you for months and years, giving you support, but we are wising up that you're using us for theatre practice.

A pet peeve is when idiots come up to me and tell me how smart they are and yet they don't really understand much. Not saying I'm smart, just annoys me to see idiots who think they are smarter than everyone else.

Did you notice that Kenton Twidt asked practically almost EVERYONE ELSE except for gays for a blowjob?

Matthew Kohashi comes to mind ... Know him? He was a huge KG asskisser ... You know the type ... I feel llke saying "so u made it on ur 4th try. Congratulations ... You're an inspiration to people to never give up."

I am sick and tired of those fake "friends" who invite you to go out for coffee or want to do something with you and then they never follow through.

Anthony Adamo, we all know why you're at gally- you're a small fish who cant live in a big pond. You're HEARING and yet you cant make it to the hearing world. Tsk, tsk. And we all know what you did to a few deaf girls. Get the fuck out of here.

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