Sunday, February 13, 2005

Go Ahead, Smirk and Chuckle!

Remember Glenn Lockhart? Remember the infamous e-mail distribution at Gallaudet by Campus Activities (It used to be University Center) which Sharon Hayes was responsible of distributing the emails to all faculty, staff and students related to the campus events? Remember the infamous e-mail manufactured by Glenn Lockhart which pretty much wrote a message for anyone to join the "Gallaudet Pedophile Association" cookout at Hotchkiss Field which Glenn also mentioned not to bring kids as well? And Sharon did not read carefully -- she just pasted it and sent it to everyone else on the campus. That was the best email prank I ever had witnessed out of Gallaudet. I wonder if anyone else actually showed up at Hotchkiss Field on that "appointed hour"?

Alan Shore Pays For It! Watching Boston Legal was a good escape from reality for me tonight. Seeing Alan Shore paying hundreds of dollars just to start the bar brawl was hysterical. I would have done the same thing if I have that amount of cash, really.

Why Is That? When I go to a gay bar, I noticed something interesting. The bars TEND to be so dark and loud, it may present an obstacle for Deaf gay men to deal with hearing men because it is hard to lipread in the dark and so dark to read the notes, it becomes a chore, really. But for hearing on hearing, they tend to shout at each other ... or they often spoke to each other by their ears -- you can see their movements -- when one likes the other, he WILL step in and talk to his ear repeatedly more than 10 times, then he'll "accidentally" kiss his ear, then from there ... it's on the lips.

I find it unfair. I cannot do that with a hearing person. We had to move away from each other in order to sign something. By itself, it is sometimes unattractive, though. These hearing men who do that cheated their way to get some affections -- we had to do the hardest route. Totally unfair. But again, life is not fair.

Storn's Way: You know The Uncanny X-Men's main character called Storm? That gorgeous black woman with a long white hair? There are many comments that was uttered by Storm that I loved. One time, Storm, Psylocke and Colossus was teleported into the prison's cell with few imprisoned Genoshan soldiers. Storm grabbed one of these Genoshan soldiers and said, "We require the information that may aid us in reaching our teammates which your people kidnapped."

The solider uttered, "What makes you think that I will tell you about it, genejoke?"

Storm smiled but her eyes remained dead set on the soldier, "That word -- I do not like it, but who says that I am asking you for the information?"

Psylocke stepped in the frame as she telepathically entered the soldier's mind and snatched the information right out of him.

That was one cool dialogue.

Dawn of the Dead: I saw the parts of the movie that was re-made about the zombies killing and eating brains. The zombies fucking RAN like Hell. It is like seeing hundreds of Carl Lewis running loose. Even if you ran, they still run like Hell. And this movie is insane. Suffice to say, the ending part is not the classic All-American film.



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