Wednesday, February 16, 2005

First James Buchanan, Second Abraham Lincoln ...

You know, someone mentioned that 1 out of 10 men is gay.

Come to think of this -- we already have 45 presidents so far (correct me with the numbers but I know it's over 40), that means there has to be 4 Presidents that probably liked to have a dick up their asses.

1. James Buchanan, the only President that is bachelor until he died.
2. Abraham Lincoln, there are letters that indicated Lincoln's thighs are the best "femoral intercourse".

Now that leaves two more.

I'd vouch for George Washington to be gay. He married Martha Custis, and had several step-children. Step-children! You know, they say that if you look at GW's life, he always hang out with men. He went to the Revolutionary War with his men. He went on the expeditions with his men. If you look at his portraits, he is always surrounded by men. That raises a red flag, does it? And the way he walked on these portraits, only gay men can walk like that.

That takes care of George Washington. Who's the fourth one?

Someone said that it is GW Bush.

What? Thanks to Toby of Ramblings On The Matter, I was entertained with this article. Enjoy it while you can before someone takes it off in the name of liberty and freedom!

One question: Why did GW Bush makes 8 unscheduled and unannounced trips to Knoxville to visit Victor Ashe, who was the Mayor of Knoxville, Tennessee? Victor Ashe is "openly gay" and was a roommate and cheerleader along with GW Bush (!). To quiet the media, GW Bush sent Victor Ashe to be the Ambassador of Poland but that does not stop him from sending Victor candies and flowers to Victor, according to Poland newspapers.



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