Saturday, February 26, 2005

Let's Mock Some Xians!

You know, last night ... I was flipping the channels. And I saw the show about Benny Hinns. I absolutely hate him. Anyway, Benny was travelling across India, trying to promote Christianity. The captions were on tube, I rolled my eyes when Benny Hines shouted "Hallelujah."

Anyway, his aide was weeping as he brought an Indian girl to the stage. He shouted to Benny that this girl was deaf! But when she arrived to the stage, God restored her hearing loss. They went on to test her hearing by standing behind her and each time, she spoke -- it was obviously staged. It is disgusting and sickening -- made me want to puke the hairball out.

How can they profess to be the "followers of Jesus Christ" if they lied about things like that? Only THEY knew.

Anyway, here is the bad news about the ILY sign. A certain reader emailed me to check it out. I thought it was interesting that he spent the time to do the website on ILY sign associated with ...

Oh My God, Satanists!

Pitiful hearies xians.


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