Monday, February 28, 2005

Say Again?

Last Saturday afternoon, I was reading through the NY POST and much to my delight, it mentioned that there was more than 3 minutes of porn with Fred Durst fucking some girl out on the internet. Fred's PR tried to clamp it down but things fell apart as someone decided to post the raucous porn of Fred Durst on the 'net. I always thought Fred Durst is hot ... despite the fact that he is so heterosexual. So it was natural for me not to wait to find it out -- so off I searched throughout the Internet.

Found it. Fred is exact what I always sensed, lusted and hoped for. Fred, if you need a guy to teach you few tricks, I'm here.

At the same time, I was reading NY POST and noticed something odd. "Homicide bomber". Instead of "suicide bomber". NY POST is owned by Murdoch who also owned FOXNEWS. Murdoch is heavily conservative Republican as well. They decided to adopt the Bush Administration's suggested term that the press use "Homicide Bomber" instead of "Suicide Bomber".

Why? Homicide is impossible to attract the empathy from the readers than suicide. In order for the Bush Administration to turn the tide on people that opposed them, it is better to replace the term to give them an edge over the opponents. This way, they can attempt to win the support of everyone else to subjugate the others.

When you heard of a murder, you absolutely have no empathy for the murderer. But when you heard of a suicide, you tend to have a shred of empathy for the suicidal person. It was clever of the administration trying to absolve them of their empathic outlet by changing the terms.

But look at the bright side, it won't stop right there. The violence is all based on a cycle, really. It goes back and forth for years.

But at least, it does not concern me. If you look at the big theater screen, they only killed the majority of hearies.



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