Sunday, February 13, 2005

The Stroller In The Subway

Last Friday, I was heading to Chelsea from my palace. Riding the subway is akin to watch a 30-min sitcom at times. However, it was during the rush hour when I headed down to Chelsea to meet someone else.

I learned that it is better not to bring a stroller into the subway during the rush hour (between 8 AM to 10 AM and 430 PM to 7 PM). Why? Here is what happened last Friday, the subway train was packed along with the stroller. Yes, the infant was in it with the mother doing the standard responsibility.

Time is imperative to the subway system, especially with the rush hours. Trains must come and go -- it simply must or the other trains will be late. And the commuters will not be happy if the trains are not coming and going immediately. That is the way it is goes for New York underground dwellers like us.

When the train arrived at 14 Street, I rushed to get out of the train as the crowd rushed to get out as well, some commuters on the platform pushed to get in the train as well. Courtesy is fine but not always necessary. The mother with the stroller apparently realized that she needs to get off at 14 Street, not somewhere else. She rushed to push the stroller out of the train as the doors rolled to shut -- but it slammed on the stroller -- I turned to see the infant laughing as the door kept on slamming on the stroller repeatedly -- but the lady kept on pushing it out.

The doors on the trains will keep "slamming" the doors until it is shut. So in this case, it slammed on the stroller repeatedly then finally it slammed on the mother's arms which she abruptly left the stroller off the train but apparently the conductor saw the stroller right off the train with the arms sticking out by the doors.

The conductor quickly opened the door enough to let the mother out. I then looked at the infant -- The infant was in giddy mood, perhaps the jolt it gets from the doors slamming on the stroller was something different for the stroller.

But it was bit scary for me -- but only in New York, my dear friends, only in New York!


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