Thursday, February 17, 2005

After Seeing "Deaf Mute", I Stopped Reading The Article

Michelle Malkin wrote an article in NY POST called The UN Rape Club. Malkin is well-known for her conservative beliefs on her blogsite, often ranting and ripping the Liberals or anyone who questioned the government -- I won't be surprised that Malkin would consider anyone else who questioned the government to be terrorists.

Each time, I saw or read her name, I always rolled my eyes and snickered as well. But this article seems to be interesting until I reached 5th paragraph. She said, "... -- including the 15-year-old deaf mute daughter of ..."

That was a major turn-off for me. Especially for Deaf people who fought hard to remove the stigma of "deaf-mute" and "deaf and dumb" within the media. This young woman should know better than to call us "deaf-mute". That word is an insult, tantamount to a n-word for African Americans! How long will it takes for us to finally get through their "media barriers" that these words are inappropriate.

I guess if it is OK for her to call us "deaf-mute", and I think it is OK for me to call her a "gook" as well? You tell me.


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