Wednesday, February 16, 2005

About Mayor Bloomberg

A New York friend of mine told me that Mayor Bloomberg used to be a Democrat. The main reason why Mayor Bloomberg switched to the Republican party is because this city is overwhelmingly Democrat. There were three Democrats running in Democrat primary, no one for Republican primary.

The easiest path is to bypass the Democrat's primary is to sign up for Republican primary and go head-to-head with Democrats.

Voila! We have Mayor Bloomberg on board. He is only RINO.

As in Republican In Name Only.

Which is why many New Yorkers can tolerate Republican like Mayor Bloomberg. According to many, Rudy Giuliani would be NOTHING if not for 9/11 fiasco. It is likely that Rudy would be remembered for siding with the racists who shoved the broom in Jamaican's ass, shot Hasidic Jew who wields the hammer (which many witnesses said he didn't do but NYPD said) et al. But lucky for Rudy, 9/11 fiasco saved his face and put his name on the world map.

Oh, well.


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