Friday, February 04, 2005

Fuck the Semper Fi!

To Conservatives & many Americans, it is outrageous if someone did this to us. But certainly not outrageous if we did this to them.

Both sides should be outrageous of their barbaric behavior, be it combat or non-combat situations.

I used to live near an army base in Virginia. I always rolled my eyes when I see the guys in green chasing, shouting or yelling at younger females walking around the local mall. I'm like, "Get a fucking life -- go and shoot a deer or something!"

With this article, this is the icing on the cake. I always suspected that these freaks are mentally retarded. As long as they are in the Armed Forces serving this country in particular, they are not diagnosed with mental illness at all. Just perfect type to be a killer -- a killing machine.

I often drove past the Marine Barracks on 8th Street SE and when I see the guys walking down the street -- I'd honk and yell gibberish stuff at them just to teach them a lesson. Why? If they treat women as meats, why can't I?


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