Sunday, February 27, 2005

Last Night Was Interesting

Went out to meet Surdus at Pieces Bar. He was there with Roberts, Alberto (not that Acosta crap) and Victor. It was interesting evening.

After Roberts left, we ended up going to Duplex Bar -- I got hit on by a guy. Very nice, then we saw the bartender wearing Mike Piazza's NY Mets Jersey shirt. This guy who was hitting on me smiled and pointed at the bartender's jersey and pulled his cell numbers.

He showed me the cell number of this player and wrote down on the napkin, "Piazza is lousy lay, you know? I did him three times."

I smiled so hard and said, "Really, you should have invited me over."

He smiled and hugged, then kissed me. I usually do not kiss on first meet. In fact, I hate that. But going through a funky phase, a kiss is better than nothing, really.

Interesting, though. Then two more guys hit on me in another bar. That was bit too much for me. Because I normally do not get hit on by anyone else in particular. Oy vey.

All three guys kept on saying stuff like, "You're beautiful", "Your facial features are hot" and "I like your smile".

Each time, I shot back, "You should see me yesterday when I was mad."

That was a good way to damp the compliments, though.

Getting hit on by these guys does not mean that I like people. I still dislike people, though. I am still leery of hearies, so sue me.

Banjo, McCock, Kurzetard and Grant Laird, Jr: Stop worrying so much about Arnie -- I do not give a fuck if the picture is real or fake. It is funny picture -- my blog is not designed to educate, inform or document everything that is real all the time -- it is designed to entertain people, like it or not. So fuck off, dickwads!!

Besides, Arnie was always a lousy actor to start with.

Don't you think it is silly that Medicaid will not cover your hearing aids but will cover your cochlear implants? I hate hearies' monopoly of commercialism out there.

Somebody kill 'em, please.

Oh, speaking of killing, there was an article in NY POST that talked about someone discovered limbs and legs and later, the torso in the subway tunnels. They identified this guy as 19 years old guy from Brooklyn. NY POST is Murdoch-owned which also owned FOXNEWS which is famous for inaccurate and biased reports. One word: Ugh.

Anyway, last night, I read the NY Blade that this particular deceased 19 years old guy is gay. It is possible gay-to-gay crime or hate crime. The NYPD described it as "cleanly killing" -- probably by a medical expert because the torso, limbs and legs were sawed off in a rather perfect manner. Ugh.

At least, another hearing person is dead. More to come.

There is God out there. *snicker*


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