Friday, February 25, 2005

... And TGIF?

What the fuck is going on with the live reports about the old geezer in Rome? Like Beth said, drop dead already! Do not interfere with my ordinary yet so boring routine with life so far.

I don't care much for the old geezer and his pessimistic attitudes on gays. I rather to save Toby than to save this Pope John Paul II.

I'm still in that funky mode. It is getting worse. I think you can see it on my blogging performance. Maybe the weather is to be blame? It is still snowing as I speak.

These days, I am bit annoyed reading some of cliquish bloggers who shrieked about things that means nothing to me.

I just learned that Andy Lange, the current President of NAD, got a position within that group, the CSD organization in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. He also purchased a home in Sioux Falls as well. It is certainly mind-boggling to know that the NAD's relationship with the CSD has been, at times, strained and each badmouthed the other in the last few years.

And now Andy, himself the President of NAD, works at CSD?

I guess it goes with a cliche that says, "If you cannot beat 'em, hire 'em."

I guess, this is another opportunity for Andy to continue and expand his personal needs which many Deaf people within the NAD and the CSD are aware of.

Ahh, I really felt for these persons who rejected someone' advances. In a certain way, I'm thankful that I'm faggot which I do not have to contend or deal with these crazy notions out there.

I was surfing the CSD's website. It is amusing to see that so many NAD members are working for CSD now. I cannot help but to be curious about the relationship between the Mother Rarus and the Son Rarus?

It is interesting to look at the "people" of CSD, so many of them used to work or serve the NAD before flip-flopping over to the CSD. Not that it is bad to flip-flop but certainly interesting. Curiosity piqued me a little -- I do not see any minority groups except for high profile figure like Dr. Davila. Maybe gays do not want to be caught dead in Sioux Falls. But what about African-Americans? Is there any in Sioux Falls?

I once visited Sioux Falls in '98 and stayed for two days. Visited CSD and SDSD. Even visited the town's only gay bar through the alley! I is the VEE! But guess what? I do not recall seeing an African American walking around the town.

I also learned that YLC (Youth Leadership Camp) is going back to Camp Taloali after the two-year hoppings at South Dakota and Florida. Because of repeated hurricane strikes that devastated Florida last year, the Camp Endeavour cannot provide the location for NAD's YLC. So it was left with no home. So they are strolling back to Oregon. I went to YLC in '90 and it was the first year of NAD's YLC in Oregon, after more than a decade in Minnesota. Tim Rarus was the YLC Camp Director at that time, now Tim Rarus works for the CSD.

Suffice to say, my memories of YLC was mind-blowing one. I am not sure if the readers wanted me to touch the good and bad sides of YLC during my stay at YLC. Do you guys want me to talk about it? Let me know so I can think about sharing some of explosive issues that the NAD probably does not want the world to know.

Anyway, as you can see the moods I am in as of lately, it is no secret that I am easily pissed off at little things around me. So when I learned about the recent developments that has nothing to do with me, I get annoyed anyway!

I must thank some certain friends who has been patient with my grouchy side. Merritt, Manny Swoosh, Toby O., defbef, McFly, Jeff, Alex (Yeah, that Abenchuchan boy), Perlis, Ty the Superstar and Sarah. They managed to make me smile for few minutes before I slip back into grouchy mode.



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