Friday, February 04, 2005


Just watched AVP (Aliens Vs. Predator) on DVD with Lenny. Drama, drama, drama! I am a sucker for one big, bad mama just like my mom. That big bad mama was so lethal. When the movie ended with everyone dead except for the black woman.

I told Lenny, who is black himself, that it is about fucking time that the only survivor is black as well! He roared with heavy fits of laughter and nodded with me in agreement.

Ahh, I'm very concerned about Delajoy's son, Logan -- he is going to be a studmuffin in the long run. Here is the evidence -- look at where Logan's right hand and nobody is complaining! Suddenly, I'm afraid for our mankind. Har har.

Good nite, guys. I'm off to watch some King of the Hill before slipping away from the rest of the world.

What a world ... what a cruel world ...


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