Saturday, February 12, 2005

Just Saw This On Television

Viagra Question? Why is that there are many commercials during the men's basketball games that featured viagra, levitra and cialis? Did they research that the majority of basketball fans has erectile dysfuction? I want to know why they incessantly showed these commercials repeatedly?!

Who is Andy Osborn? Speaking of basketball, I saw Colorado's Andy Osborn. He's so cute. I quickly checked his photo on -- bad picture.

Wrong City, Wrong College J.J. Redick, a guard at Duke, is absolutely cute yet I *hated* the way he taunted the opposing fans. When he buried a faraway 3-point shot or did the impossible shot inside the paint using the acrobatic jump through the traffic, he would run across the court with his arms in the air as if he's flying. The reality was that he was *mocking* at the opposing fans, telling them that they cannot stop him. They will not be able to, period.

All in all, J.J. acted like 5 years old on the court after making these shots. I absolutely loved it but hated the fact that he played for Duke. I also hated the fact that he came from Roanoke, Virginia -- a town that I think do not deserved to be on any maps.

Is it only me that my gaydar went berserk each time I see him play? He is so pretty boy to be straight. The way he interacted with his teammates are ... questionable at its best.

But here are the pics for you guys to droll. He's gorgeous, is he? But the uniforms has to go, really.

J.J. Redick goes for a layup ... And taunting the world

Rush Limbaugh Saw him on TV doing some charity for golf tournament. He did not hide his cochlear implant. It looks hideous. Maybe he is not really a conservative -- maybe it was a device from something alien or something like Bush to tell the world the way it is from Rush's ramblings, eh?

Either way, I will not catch dead wearing cochlear implants. If you want to implant on your head so you can hear the birds barking and cats doing the hairball thing, more power to you. I'll stick to what I have right now.

Jose Canseco or MLB Players? Which do I believe the most? Jose Canseco who claimed that many MLB (professional baseball) players used steroids or MLB players who denied that it happened -- and that Jose made it up to make money. Who do I believe? I believe Jose.


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