Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Down, Down and Down

Last night, went to The Cock Bar to see Corey and Kev once again. Which was very nice. Hadn't seen 'em in weeks. The best part is that I didn't have to pay that much for more than 10 drinks.

That is nice.

I also met a cute guy as well -- 3rd guy in 4 days. This time, he demanded me to email him in the morning -- but when I got home, the internet connection went dead. Took me all day to figure it out and get it back on.

Naturally, I'm not in mood to harp on things around me. So I'm gonna be miserable all night long. Just my personality.

Remember a while ago that I caused a firestorm on a blog (I cannot remember where) where I mentioned that I stopped donating $ to the AIDS organizations because they do not address the barebacking, crystal meth and complacency issues. If they want to get HIV/AIDS, yay for 'em!

Some said I was so mean, downright horrible -- even, one person called me a militant terrorist for that.

Basically, what I pointed out last year is that ... in the last 20 years, we found more information on how to protect ourselves as well as how to manage the virus in the long term. But more, more and more people alarmed me when they clamored that with everything going on, it is *still* a choice for them to make, which means it is not your decision but theirs.

Translation: It is my choice not to donate a cent to any HIV/AIDS organizations because there are people who attempted to make this a choice to acquire.

And today, with HIV 2.0 possibly running around, many gay people are responding with an attitude that I already demonstrated a long time ago.

About fucking time if you ask me!


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